We are delighted to announce we will be hosting our Communion Dress Affair this October. Each appointment is 45 minutes long. For bookings you can email Cairennfoyltd@gmail.com. We can't wait to meet you all!

Our Story

After growing up in Copenhagen, London, Bordeaux and Dublin, Cairenn returned to Dublin when she was 10 years old. Having grown up around so many cultures Cairenn draws on her childhood experiences of carefree happy memories to create timeless heirloom dresses that are classic and timeless in style.
 Her design philosophy is rooted in her passion for style, quality, and detail. 
“I want my designs to capture the essence of children's innocence. We have made a conscious decision from the outset not to partake in fast fashion. We focus on producing well made garments using craftspeople who have honed their skills over decades of experience. We hope that our dresses become family heirlooms that hold treasured memories”.