Our Story

'Cairenn Foy' is a new Irish Luxury Childrenswear Brand (0-7yr) designed by Irish Designer Cairenn Foy consisting of a select range of beautifully crafted garments for children using only natural breathable fabrics.
Cairenn discovered that her daughter Ava had the skin condition eczema when she was only one years old. After difficulty finding traditionally styled dresses using 100% cotton, Cairenn decided to take the matter into her own hands and began designing with her daughter in mind.
 Her design philosophy is rooted in her passion for style, quality and detail, that capture the essence of children's innocence. The style of Cairenn Foy is timeless, elegant and traditional.
The brand speaks to customers who seek affordable luxury. We focus on producing well made garments using craftspeople who have honed their skills over decades of experience.
Our dress styles and creations move in parallel with the changing of the seasons. We work hard continually to ensure that every season produces its own original and beautiful designs. Currently, we bid farewell to the craft of the spring/summer season collection. With this however, we warmly welcome the influx of our autumn/winter collection. We are working harder than ever to bring new styles to our wonderful customers.
These garments are made to be loved, enjoyed and passed from generation to generation.