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My Journey with Jennie Ritchie Garden of Poets.

Cairenn Foy is thrilled to have been interviewed by the lovely Jennie Ritchie about her journey in life, her career choices, her advice to school leavers and her dreams in the future. You can check out the extract here:  Check out the full interview here: 

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'The Daily Slog'. A day in the Career of... Cairenn Foy

Cairenn Foy is delighted to have been asked to speak to the new online community for women called 'The Daily Slog'. Here Cairenn discusses how she keeps motivated and her ' passion that has made the leap of faith worthwhile.'        You can check out an extract from the interview here:                       Check out the the full article here:

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Interview with Image

Interview with Image on what it's really like to run a start-up Cairenn Foy is delighted to have spoken with Image about the challenges of setting up a new business. Describing how customers are her new boss. You can check out the extract here: You can check the full article here:

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Feature in Mistletoe Magazine

  Feature in Mistletoe Magazine  We are delighted to be featured in Barbra Power's Mistletoe Magazine in the Irish Independent. We are included in the gifts section with our perfect christmas dresses, don't forget delivery in time for Christmas is before the 19th of December!                        

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Wolf & Badger Interview

  "I've always been interested in fashion from such an early age as soon as I could talk and walk I was very vocal with what my mother bought me. One of my earliest memories when I couldn't have been more than 3 is sitting under the kitchen table when my mum’s friends would call around for lunch and quietly taking their shoes off their feet so that I could admire them up close and personal and try them on." - Cairenn Foy  This week we had the privileged to be featured in Wolf & Badger's  '5 Minutes with..' series.  Cairenn Foy discuses everything from how she started her Childrenswear brand, to her inspirations and even her teenage style mishaps...

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